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HUMAN resource expert Gyan Nagpal

Learning, applying the economics of talent

The dynamics of today’s workplace is ever-changing. In the Philippines, this is due in large part to the boom of the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in recent years—with its unconventional work hours and office locations, as well as its massive manpower requirements that has led to stiff competition, not just among hiring companies but […]

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The Benefits of Instructional Design

When we talk of training, most people associate it with Training delivery. But there is more to training. In order to deliver an effective instruction, the planning that goes behind it matters. This is where Instructional Design comes in. What makes knowledge and skill acquisition more efficient and effective when using Instructional Design is its […]

Cultivating Learning in the Modern Workplace

Cultivating Learning in the Modern Workplace

The work environment constantly changes over the years, along with its workforce. With technology and social media surrounding their lives, this generation’s goals are becoming more of self-actualizing and empowerment. These people are yearning for experiences that will lead to more learning. In response to this need, companies are imploring a more intact approach to […]

Leaving the Country

Where Are the Nurses? The Impact of Nurse Migration on Medical Tourism in the Philippines

In the past few years, the Philippine government has been promoting the country as a major destination for medical tourism not just in Asia, but in the world. Yet eight years after the launch of the PMTP, has the country actually realized its full potential as a medical tourism hub? A 2013 discussion paper, entitled […]