Today, just having a training program at your organization is no longer a competitive advantage. You have to make sure that your program must be conducted in a manner that focuses on addressing its particular learning needs while maximizing an organization’s existing resources. Hence, trainers need to identify the areas of improvement within the system, and use them as a basis for formulating performance-oriented learning solutions.

The Foundations of Instructional Design (ID) is a four-day workshop that provides trainers a panoramic view of your organization’s training requirements. This is done by merging the Needs Analysis and Instructional Design stages. Trainers who complete this program will be able to discover misconceptions, inefficiencies, and impracticalities in current practice. They will also learn proven techniques in ID via a practical, practitioner-based approach.

When: November 21 to 24, 2017 – Register Here

Where: AIM Conference Center, Makati City

Workshop Fee: P 27,000.00 (+ 12% VAT)

Learning Objective:

Using the Design Matrix format, participants will be able to develop a program design following the principle of Instructional Integrity.

To be able to achieve this objective, the learners will be taught to:

  • Identify the specific performance problems can be solved by training
  • Conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Present TNA results in an audience-friendly manner
  • Translate analysis results into design elements
  • Develop measurable learning objectives that support performance
  • Choose assessment methods that align with objectives
  • Identify content based on objectives
  • Select instructional methods
  • Develop a course design
  • Assess integrity of course design

Key Topics:

  • Overview of ISD
  • Looking at the Big Picture: Is Training Needed?
  • Understanding the Need through Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • TNA Triangle
  • From TNA to Training Design
  • The Design Matrix
  • Objectives: Domains, Levels, and Hierarchy
  • Terminal and Enabling Objectives
  • Instructional Assessment
  • Completing the Matrix: Systematic Approach
  • Instructional Integrity

Is the Foundations of Instructional Design Program right for you?

Sign up for this program if you…

  • Are a learning and development professional
  • Would like to be able to design relevant, effective courses as solutions to your organization’s needs
  • Would like to be able to guide subject matter experts in developing productive programs
  • Wish to be able to better assess training proposals from vendors
  • Are an internal or external trainer who would like to deliver focused learning solutions to your clients